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for a Sustainable Agriculture


Auxoway is an agro-technology startup that offers professionals of the seed and agri-food industry to revolutionize their practices.


Are you facing energy-consuming processes based on the massive use of phytosanitary products?


Auxoway offers an innovative alternative: cold plasma.


This breakthrough technology allows rapid, single-step, effective and inexpensive treatment,  with low-carbon footprint and no harmful substances release in the environment.


Auxoway offers tailor-made solutions significantly improving the germinative properties of seeds and protecting them from pathogens (fungi, bacteria, viruses).

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Advanced plasma solutions

Our cold plasma processes are dedicated to the treatment of seeds of all sizes and contribute to significantly improve their germinative properties as well as disinfecting them from pathogens of all types, whether they are bacteria, fungi or viruses. The technology we are developing has many advantages over the fleet of devices currently used in the seed industry.

Innovative High Technology

Processing times are relatively short, typically ranging from a few minutes to half an hour.

Versatility in Application

We are working to innovate a versatile technology, i.e. able to easily adapt to current production lines for optimal complementarity.

Safe technology

Reactive species improving the germinative properties of the seeds have sufficiently short lifetimes (a few ms to 1s) and disappear as soon as the plasma is switched off. Therefore, no harmful substances are released in the environment.

Scalable processes

Our processes are easily scalable, dealing with seed quantities in the kg range. We currently work on upscaling processes to reach up to 100 kg/h rates.

Low power consumption

Our processes have low power consumption and can be connected directly to 110V/220V mains sockets.

Low CO2 footprint

Cold atmospheric plasmas do not release global warming gases like CO2 ensuring low carbon footprint.


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